The Five Agreements

Youth will learn valuable conflict resolution skills through unique, creative activities and reflections (no quizzes or tests) that teach the Five Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Audio alternatives to course text are provided in an effort to include different learning styles. Teachers/adults can introduce content and help students with activities if needed. Ability levels may vary. For students who need writing alternatives, free built-in voice recording apps or low-cost apps are available for download on both Windows and Mac OS. 10 to 15 hours for course completion. Please contact Anjali Soi at asmediate@gmail.com for course setup at your school or organization.

Gia Cacalano, Movement Artist, Somatic Educator, Instant Composer and Embodied Practitioner

"I am honored to be one of the guest creators included within the curriculum. I created lessons and scores involving task orientation, improvisation, movement and composition games. Through the body, I believe we heal and understand. The more we can feel ourselves the better we can communicate and engage in healthy relationships and exchanges in the world. When we are in our bodies, we increase our sense of self and confidence. When we better understand and feel ourselves in a positive way, we better relate and see others. When we do this through play or improvisation, we spark imagination. When we create we heal, we evolve and release anxiety and even trauma. Further, when we practice these physical movement games from a somatic approach, all this increases."


Cherie Priya D. MD Pediatrician, Chicago

"I had the opportunity to go through this course from the perspective of a pediatrician. The 5 Agreements lay the foundation for conflict resolution and makes these principles easy to understand by young children by relating them to daily life. The use of pictures, sound and voice, and dance keeps the course interactive and engaging. From the perspective of an adult, this course would be easy for a parent/educator to do with a child or group of children. It allows children to use their imagination, interact with each other, listen to each other and think through scenarios, how they may feel and express those feelings and how the impact may change based on their communication. Learning these skills from a young age and building upon these principles would arm teenagers and young adults with communication skills that they need in schools/work, home life and with peers and should be a part of every school curriculum."


Amy C., Parent, Professional Dancer, Event Organizer

"This program is wonderful for my almost 9 year old daughter. She enjoyed and easily understood the material. She reported the program helped her feel good, and taught her about being thoughtful, honest and kind, toward herself as well as while interacting with others."


Ambika C.

"Integrating her passion for art and teaching, Anjali offers an inspiring Conflict Resolution Skills Course, specifically tailored for youth, as they transition into adulthood. Her unique approach engages students with themes regarding listening, empathy and acceptance. She weaves storytelling throughout the course to explain complex concepts. Anjali provides multiple modalities of conflict resolution exercises including art, dance and meditation. Her dedication and compassion shines through in her teaching style and careful selection of class exercises. I highly recommend this impactful and engaging class for young adults to develop conflict resolution skills."


Tina S., MD

"Through interactive videos and opportunities for discussion, this course helps children learn about conflict resolution, a skill that will be invaluable throughout their personal and professional lives. As an adult, this course has made me rethink my assumptions and inspired me to see conflict as an opportunity to learn others' perspectives. Anyone, at any age, can learn to manage conflict better through this material."

“Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama." - Don Miguel Ruiz

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